iTRACE Southwest England

Local Authorities (LAs) and the Highways Agency (HA) in the South West strongly support the development of travel plans as a key tool for promoting sustainable travel. As part of our push for good quality travel planning, a consortium of six LA's shown on the right and the HA has adopted iTrace with the assistance of funding from the South West Council.

iTrace provides a centralised software suite designed to monitor and report on the performance of Workplace and School Travel Plans, offering quicker, easier Travel Planning, Assessment, Auditing and Forecasting. Local Authorities can now share Travel Plan data.

Each LA offers advice and support to help those designing and implementing travel plans. With the assistance of LA's, companies can use iTrace to assist with their Travel Plans. Please click on the appropriate LA logo on the right for further information.

Guidance for developers, local authorities and planners

The below guidelines provide best practice, drawn from case study research, to help local authorities, developers and planners produce high quality, robust travel plans.

Soft Measure-hard facts

Designing a travel plan and want to know what works?

'Soft Measures-hard facts' reviews 16 types of measures in terms of their effects on travel behaviour; congestion; carbon and physical activity.

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